Mr. John Tsang

1st from Hong Kong conquered Mt. Everest

from both of its North & South routes


We are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Adventure Plus. For the past 20 years, we have provided premium corporates adventure education training services and pioneer running international adventure tours for Hong Kong resident. I believe that high quality of people is the key to sustain the success of Hong Kong. We aim to provide high quality of corporate team-building, leadership, change & crisis management workshops to better all the high potential staff of your organizations.


We focus on staff behavioral development rather than input knowledge. And I hope we can serve your staff in near future. Since 2001, we have trained more than 15,000 people who are corporates staff, civil servants, universities staff & students, NGO, etc. We have a well-known reputation for going far more forward to launch more diversified programmes.


We are the first consultant company cooperate with City University of Hong Kong SCOPE, delivering the first ever adventure education trainer course on the market. After 5th intake courses, we have trained over 100 students to became professional adventure education trainers.


In 2006, we provided charity services when we made an adventure tour to Kenya. We did not just aim at climbing the highest mountain in Africa, but also raised money to build a school right below at the roof of Africa. Throughout the extraordinary adventure trip, participants did not just realize the importance of team work and leadership skills during the expedition, but also learnt to serve our people in need is a key to make us more fruitful life-time experience. By influencing people, we will be living in a better world. 

Keeping a high quality of service, we make sure we have high quality of trainers at all time. Lifelong learning and continuing improvement is core value to success. 

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